Manually enter into your browser address bar, you will land on the login page of your router. What should I do to set up my router with IP address? The router has failed and is unresponsive to connections via the browser.


The default IP address can be easily changed through a router panel. Or you can always do a full router reset to default factory settings and back to square one. For example, Edimax and SMC. You need to visit section “System Tools”.

In “Authentication Mode” bar you can specify security certificate. Every modern device can have some problems, but manufacturers developed ways how to solve them. This IP address can be used to setup your own network, but it must be unique in its own local area network.

How can I do with

All devices have tiny button that you need to press for 15 odd minutes using a needle. In case of a wireless access point double check that your computer or mobile is connected to the same wireless network your router operates. Possible issues when accessing IP address and Why? There are a lot of devices in your house that can use this IP address instead home router, but we don’t recommend you to do it. It may not be as common as the but it’s still the same. After that, your router’s identification information will be returned to factory defaults.

You can fix this issue by changing the automatic DNS designation to manual. You would usually use for a router or alternative network entree device on the networks is usually put in at That can be down by typing internal IP address in browser address bar. As is a private IPv4 network address, you can’t use it to link to a router from outside your home network. From there, type in the ping and then press ENTER again.