How to use IP address to access your Router’s Configuration Page. You can use it with other methods or standalone. For example, it can be your index number with the maiden name of your mom.


There are some situation when you don’t know your identification information, so you need to find them. You can fix router login problem by checking for the flaws mentioned above and fix them ASAP, or you can simply reset your router by pressing the reset button for 15-20 seconds. If you do not know where to find this information, it is generally marked at back of the router. In fa,ct you can go as far as 99.

iOS: enter the Settings app, click the Wi-Fi icon, then the 1st menu item in your Choose a network’ list — the DHCP or Static tab will show your router IP as ‘IP address’ To reset router, you need hold this button for ten seconds. web-interface (admin panel) and its meaning.


Just open your internet browser and type in URL bar, Press enter. If your router, which uses IP address, works correctly, that mean setup of computer’s network may goes wrong because of incorrect connection to your router. MacOS: enter Terminal.app, type netstat -nr | grep default. You need to search for article about resetting.

Moreover, it can be found on backside of router. Now type in ipconfig and press ENTER. netstat -nr | grep default. That gives hackers chance to hack your network. Open the command window by pressing Windows key + R.