Nowadays, there are a lot of good manufacturers of routers, but let’s talk about Netgear routers which use too. If there’s nothing, open your router’s manual book. Usually it look something like This IP address can be used when entering in router’s web-interface. You need enter it on device which you want give access to your network. Unlike other private IP addresses, can provoke a conflict, if it’s assigned to two different devices within one network at the same time.


These two look identical that’s why most people get confused between them. In other words, if your network is using the 192.168.2.x range, for example, setting up one device to use the static IP address of will just make it incapable of communicating on the network, and thus will not work with the other devices. Our choice is routers, which support 2.4 – 5 GHz two band and work with n standard. Here is a lot settings that you can set up.

Router resetting by using RESET button. You need to configure those settings again and then use the router as you always did before. What is Safety Internet connection is necessary in 21st century because of huge number of cyber crimes.

How to login

But today most users choose not to bother with it and use default security settings, never realizing the fact, that their data is under the great threat because modern viruses can steal even your personal data, including the information about your credit card. Belkin routers don’t have default identification data(Dynex routers too), so you just need to click Submit after getting on login window.

In case of a wireless access point double check that your computer or mobile is connected to the same wireless network your router operates. If you find the reset button, just press on it for 10 seconds until the router automatically reboots. If you or anybody has not yet changed the default username and password, you can check for the sticker at the bottom or back of the router itself.