Open a browser on your PC and enter in the address bar. It makes WPS security so unsecure, because 4 digit PIN has eleven thousand different number combination, while 8 digit combination has one hundred million different combinations.

What can be done with

Private IP addresses, belonging to the same network, work unparalleled. If nothing helps you, you can check Default Router Passwords page on website. There should be no way for your neighbor or anyone else NOT connected to your WiFi will be able to snoop in and change anything with your network settings. is the fifth IP address on the private network whose assignable address range starts at Nowadays, there are a lot of wireless home router manufacturers, but IP address and its subnet with mask are usually used in Huawei routers and GPON terminals as a default IP address. and press Enter — the system will return your router’s IP address.

If you deal with it, just check default router passwords list. Huawei routers use IP address. This IP address can be used when entering in router’s web-interface.

How can I do with

This speed is maximal speed, so in practice in will be slower. That can be down by typing internal IP address in browser address bar. After these actions, here should appears login gateway, where you should enter your identification information (username and password). After that, your router’s identification information will be returned to factory defaults. Click on your Internet-browser icon.

Just click on the login buttons below to access the default gateway of your router at Don’t forget that all usernames and passwords for and others ip can be found on our website. Just like other IP address such as or