is the IP address of TOTOLINK EX300 Wireless N Range Extender. Just like EX300 is a 2.4G wireless range extender which is designed to expand your existing wireless network signals and coverage.

Users can extend their wireless network simply by pressing the WPS button on device and router in two minutes. So that more wireless devices are able to access Internet simultaneously, such as iPads, iPods, Notebooks, Smart Phones, Game Consoles and TV. With two antennas, EX300 ensures high transfer rate with stable signal. Generally, it can effectively meet users' demands for wireless Internet access on hard-to-reach areas.

How to log in IP?

Mobile / tablet search WiFi and connect.

The settings screen will pop up automatically, click Advanced settings, and enter admin at the username and password (if the settings screen cannot pop up, please manually open the browse address bar to enter

Can I set up with my mobile phone?

You can use the phone settings. Setting is changing browsers if you can’t see advanced settings or can't access the settings page.

Setup failed. How do you reset it?

On power up, press the RST button for more than 10 seconds to reset the repeater.

So, what can you do if you ever forget your password by default?

İn case you ever forget your password, you must reset your router. Here's the Default router Passwords